In-Shower Gloss FAQ

What color should I get? How do I pick?

Below is a chart to help you find your shade.

kristin ess gloss chart

Can crystal quartz be used on hair that’s never been colored?

Yes, it can be used on both hair that’s been colored or hair that’s never been colored.


Can the toning glosses be used on hair that’s never been colored?

Yes, they can be used on both hair that’s been colored or hair that’s never been colored.


Are these the same as toning glosses you get in the salon?

No. similar concept but these are not as powerful or long lasting as salon glosses.


How long does gloss last?

3-4 weeks depending on how often you shampoo your hair.


Will the crystal quartz gloss change my hair color?

It will not. 


Will the toning glosses color my gray hairs?

No. these won’t cover or blend gray hair.


Will it help blend my roots?

Not likely. 


How frequently can i do them?

Tell my clients to use them when their hair needs a tone and/or shine boost. 


Can i use these on extensions?

I use these on extensions all the time, but you should talk to your extensionist about it because permanent extensions have different types of bonds and you don’t want to cause slippage. Clip-in extensions come from different places, are processed differently and have different porosities. Some extensions take color quicker than others. Always do a test strand first if you feel you want to color your extensions. 


Will these damage my hair?

No, unless you go rogue and don’t follow instructions or stay within your level family.


Are you going to make more colors?

Yaaasss, already working on it!


Is this okay for hair that’s been keratin/brazilian blowout treated?

I would advise you wait a few shampoos after your treatment to do a gloss. The first week or so is crucial and the hair should be left alone and allowed time to settle from the process.


What about bleaching, relaxing, perming or permanently straightening?

Wait at least 14 days after before using a gloss.


Are these soy free?



Are these gluten free?



Are these silicone free?



Are these sulfate free?



Can i use these while pregnant?

This is something you’ll have to ask your doctor about. Doctors opinions vary and unfortunately i cannot advise on this one. 


How long after a color appt can i gloss?

After a haircut, any time is fine. After color, there’s no specific timing, you could technically use it after one shampoo, but i would say wait until you feel like you need it to boost tone/shine. You shouldn’t need it right away after you color your hair, especially when done in the salon. 


How long before an appt can i gloss?

Do it 3-4 weeks before you go to get your color done so it’s gone by the time you see your stylist and it doesn’t cause them any issues. 


Can i leave it on longer than recommended?

You can but it stops after the intended time. If you leave it on longer there’s a possibility that it could overtone just by sitting on the hair. Stick to the recommended time, please.


Can i save the unused portion?

No, once you’ve mixed them they don’t save.


Does long thick hair need two boxes?

I personally use one box and i have long hair (waist length) and it’s medium to thick. If you feel like you might need two, get two. there’s no harm in having a backup if you don’t mix it.


Can you mix two glosses together?

You can but i suggest you only do it if you are a colorist or have been advised to do so by your colorist. Mixing color without experience or training is a terrible idea. 


What can i use on platinum hair?

If your hair is truly platinum, i suggest a purple shampoo followed by a clear gloss. I’ll be making one for platinum toning in the near future.


If my applicator came broken what do i do?

It happens in shipping sometimes, unfortunately. We will be finding ways to solve this issue permanently but if this happens to you, please take your gloss into target and exchange it.


Is there peroxide in it? 

Yes, 2%.


Does it contain ppd?

No, this is ppd free.


Does it contain metallic salts?

No they do not.


What’s the scent?

It’s a new scent that we haven’t used in our products before. It’s a sweet, juicy, floral scent.


Will these be available in au, uk, etc...?

I will announce international launches as i get confirmation. The best thing to do if you want them in your country is to let the retailer you buy haircare from know you want it. it truly makes all the difference.


Is this curl safe?



Will this stain my hands?

Not if you use the gloves i gave you in the box.


Will my stylist hate it if i use this?

Every stylist will view at-home toning glosses differently. A lot of colorists see this as a helpful tool to keep your tone fresh and so far the response has been pretty positive. Other colorists may not want you to use it. if they say no, trust that they have a good reason and that maybe they’re in the middle of transitioning your color and don’t want you to add or reduce tone at this time.


Will this stain my shower?

Not if you rinse your shower out once the gloss is applied.


When do i apply this?

After you thoroughly wet your hair, before you shampoo and condition.


Can i shampoo first?

If your hair is dirty, oily or has excess product or if you use products that contain silicones, like many shine serums, you can give hair a light shampoo before you apply the gloss. You’ll still want to shampoo again and condition after it has processed to make sure all color has been completely removed.


Can i apply to dry hair?

I wouldn’t suggest it unless you’re a professional and you know what you’re doing with that.


Will my hair go back to its original color?

As long as you stay in your level family, your hair will return to the color you had before you glossed.


Is there bleach in these?



Will this lighten my blonde pieces?

No. only professional hair color will lighten your hair. 


Will you see a line of demarcation when this grows out?

Not if you stay within your level family.


Do i have to leave this on for the full 20 minutes?

Yes, to get the full effect you should leave it on the full 20. nothing bad will happen if you rinse it off sooner, but you may not see any tone change. 


Can i use this with purple shampoo as well?

You can still use purple shampoo the way you normally use it. 


What if i have henna in my hair?

I strongly advise that you don’t use this on hair that has been treated with henna. There is always a possibility of a chemical reaction when you lay gloss or hair color over henna and it’s not worth the risk. Hair could turn green or become very damaged.


What’s the ph of these?

They range between 6.5 and 8.5.


What volume are these?

6.6 volume (2%).


What the heck is a level family?

Your level family in this system will be blonde, bronde, brown or copper. So if you’re a blonde, stay within the blonde family. If you’re bronde (between blonde and brown) stay within the bronde family. If you’re a brunette, stay within the brunette family. If you’re a copper redhead or want to enhance already existing copper tones in your hair, stay within the copper family. If you’re scared, unsure or just testing the waters go with the clear!


How do i choose if i have multiple shades in my hair?

Choose your gloss based on the lightest colors in your hair as they will be toned the most.