IT’S HERE! This video features two of the most requested tutorials since the tools launched! My left side (your right) is done with the Pivoting Wand and the other side is done with the 3-in-One Flat Iron. For the record, these two waves are not supposed to look anything alike. The 3-in-One Flat Iron creates a very casual undone wave (more of an air dried look) while the pivoting wand creates a loose, bouncy, more formed curl. 

WARNING: This is my longest video at 17 minutes. Everyone asks me not to speed up the videos so they can see it and try it in real time with me, so that’s what I did. You can obviously speed through if you want. Know that the Flat Iron Waves Tutorial starts at the 9:21 mark if you want to jump ahead. 

Hope this helps your all understand how these two work! And yes! I will definitely be doing a tutorial on the different ways you can use the 3-in-One.